Please watch the following video, and ignore the part where I say it's Day 1. We're calling 7/26 "Day 0." Let me know if you're having trouble with the video.

Video for Day 0 (7/26): What to Read, Write, and Do:

Task list:

  1. Introduce yourself via text, video, or audio, here or in our discourse discussion site
  2. Read this personal essay on being a recovering technophobe
  3. Freewrite (here are the prompts; look in the syllabus or in the video for more information on freewriting)
image of question prompts

4. Take a break! Do something active and/or non-tech related.

5. Post here and use the "Day 0" tag and/or create a new tag, or post in the discussion site, or use our hashtag on twitter

6. Be in community with our cohort here or in the discussion or twitter: try to ask a question or follow-up thought--keep the conversation moving!

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DPL20 T&T Intro

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