Hi all, here is today's video with some prompts and provocations thinking ahead to today's visit with Cathy Davidson:

video of B Weaver for Tuesday the 27th

Some freewriting and freethinking prompts:

  • Davidson talks about the value of connectedness and constructing in classrooms and on campuses. So, who are the folks on your campus doing that already?
  • What are some examples of damaging technophilia on your campus? What are the power dynamics there?
  • Over and over again in your posts, I see you mentioning care when comes to choosing or using tools. Thinking about your classrooms, how does that care get evinced? What about between faculty or between faculty and admin?
  • Davidson talks about the necessity of grounded academic thinking to good tech use; what happens/ is going on when the thinking becomes ungrounded? How do we respond?

Something to think ahead about (which I forgot to mention in the video): tomorrow (Wed. July 29) we're co-cohorting with the Digital Identity cohort run by Sherri Spelic, and the idea of data and surveillance you see Davidson bringing up near the end of the Technophilia chapter is echoed in our reading for Wednesday.