Hi all, here's a short video for our last day.

Day 5 video

Ok, if you still want to freewrite or free podcast or just freethink:
An idea I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is “the pedagogical self.” I got the idea from Cia Verschelden who wrote a book called bandwidth recovery (show screen) and in the book she talks about the academic self, and how we can help our students recover bandwidth by helping students build an academic self which is stong and adaptable, and a relationship with that self. I started reading the book this spring as I prepped for a grant project to use the book in a faculty book club but also to develop a class intervention to help students with their AS. I was reading it during the pivot, and the thought occurred to me that I have a pedagogical self, and that I had felt and observed that self change during the pivot. So, I guess that’s my first question:

  • how did your pedagogical self change?
  • Follow up: what else about your pedagogical self do you want to or anticipate changing into the fall?
  • More follow up: how might you want to change the PS after this week?

Going in a little bit of a different direction, I’m thinking about one of the closing panelists today, Sukaina Walji, who says "online learning during Covid19 as more than an educational challenge (to which we can apply tried and tested theories of online and distance learning). We need to reframe success and failure and the challenge itself - from one that needs to replicate the normal teaching experience to one that accepts there is no “out-there” solution that will solve the problem if we apply one strategy coherently. This applies to strategies or pedagogies of care and how they are enacted at a systemic level—as part of an ecosystem to adapt again and again and to accept that this is a continuous, ongoing issue rather than one-off ‘problem solving’”

What is your corner of that ecosystem? How do you spread it and make good connections there?